Storm surge from Tropical Storm Barry pushed water over two levees in St. Mary Parish Saturday afternoon.

Water overtopped a levee on Highway 317 at Luke's Landing near Burns Point and over the North Bend Levee near Cabot, which is south of Centerville, David Naquin, director of the St. Mary Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said. The sites are between the Intracoastal Waterway and West Cote Blanche Bay, he said.

Law enforcement officials are knocking on residents' doors, Naquin said, advising them of the danger and encouraging them to leave.

"They know how it gets down there once the levee gets overtopped," he said. "We're not pulling a gun on them" to make them leave.

Naquin said National Guard troops are assisting municipal workers in covering the levees with several hundred sandbags.

They also are placing Hesco baskets in gaps along a levee on Industrial Boulevard in Franklin, he said.

"We want to fill those gaps before it gets any worse," Naquin added.

No injuries or loss of life are reported at this time.

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