Scott City Council defers on city land-use code _lowres

Advocate file photo by BRYAN TUCK -- Commercial and residential growth continues in Scott. In places such as the frontage road corridor along I-10.

The council on Thursday set aside a proposed city land-use code in order to give further review to a document that could affect development in the city for the next 30 years.

“We want to come up with transparent, friendly rules that everyone could understand,” said Steve Villavaso, of Villavaso and Associates, a professional planning firm in New Orleans. “This is still a draft, but this code will become the law of the city of Scott and will support the city master plan.”

The proposed code would make special provisions for the Apollo Road corridor, an extension that will run from Cameron Street to the intersection of Dulles Drive and Rue de Belier.

The Apollo corridor will serve as an alternate route from Interstate 10 into the heart of Lafayette. Scott officials said they hope to develop the corridor into an attractive new commercial corridor.

“The Apollo corridor has its own set of regulations embedded into this code,” Villavaso said.

The proposed code would not impact existing businesses, which would be grandfathered under the old ordinance.

Mayor Purvis Morrison expressed concern about future mobile-home communities. “I don’t feel comfortable about a person coming in and putting four trailers on a property and just renting them out,” he said. “They aren’t living in them. They are skirting the ordinance, and I think we need to look at it.”

Villavaso said there are checks in the code to prevent that from happening.

Pat Logan, who oversees planning for Scott, said the council would have to approve any potential mobile-home community.

“If an individual wants to put a mobile home on his property, he will have to come in and get an exception,” Logan said. “You need a restriction as to what will go in a mobile-home district.”

Villavaso said over the next six months, an extensive training process on the code will be offered.

“The planning commission will be trained on how to use the new code,” Villavaso said. “More importantly, citizens will understand how the code will work on a day-to-day basis.

“As communities develop, the map will change,” he said. “I think Scott is going to be one of the fastest-growing communities in this region, and this code will help you maintain it.”