Boaters in kayaks and canoes float down the Vermilion River as part of a Black Friday protest paddle on Friday, November 23, 2018, near Vermilionville. The Protest Paddle was organized by Pack and Paddle owners John and Becky Williams to give like-minded individuals and families the opportunity to spend the day in a tanquil and peaceful way, rather than fighting crowds at a store.

According to the Bayou Vermilion District, all boat traffic on the Vermilion is prohibited at this time.

The restriction is the result of the river being above flood stage. The District says that the creation of wakes caused by boating traffic can be a problem for bank erosion and push water into the backyards of homeowners along the river.

Once the water returns to a safe level, boat traffic can resume. Until then, boaters should be aware that no boat traffic will be allowed on the river.