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Advocate staff photo by HILARY SCHEINUK -- The Advocate's new headquarters on Rieger Road in Baton Rouge, photographed Wednesday, December 2, 2015.

The Advocate was named Thursday as Louisiana’s best newspaper by the state press association. It's the 10th consecutive year for the newspaper to earn the top honor. 

The Louisiana Press Association also honored the newspaper and reporters Jeff Adelson, Gordon Russell and John Simerman for community service for a special report on Louisiana’s unique laws allowing convictions by divided juries. The coverage won a Pulitzer Prize in April.

Here is a list of The Advocate’s other winners.

  • General excellence, first place, staff, March 31 and April 22 editions
  • Best Front Page, first place, Chris Martin and Jay Martin, Hot Temps and Passing record
  • Best Headline, second place, Phil Womack, In that number; Slinging in the Rain
  • Best Story or Editorial From Public Notice, first place, Caroline Grueskin
  • Best breaking news story, first place, Grace Toohey, Jim Mustian, Emma Discher, Alton Sterling Decision
  • Best breaking news story, second place, Jim Mustian, Lea Skene, Salamoni fired
  • Best breaking news story, third place, Emma Discher, Woman murders husband
  • Best feature story, first place, Lea Skene, Running toward danger
  • Best feature story, third place, Ian McNulty, Restaurant glut in New Orleans
  • Best single editorial, first place, Lanny Keller
  • Best regular column, Sam Hanna Award, first place, Danny Heitman
  • Best investigative reporting, Gibbs Adams Award, first place Rebekah Allen, Andrea Gallo, ProPublica
  • Best sports story, first place, Brooks Kubena LSU ACL study
  • Best layout and design, Gary Hebert Award, first place, Jay Martin, Dan Swenson
  • Best news photo, third place, Bill Feig
  • Best feature photo, second place, Leslie Westbrook
  • Best photo package, third place, Travis Spradling
  • Best Self Promotion, first place, staff, Star of Stars.
  • Best Money-Making Idea, first place, staff, Acadiana Business
  • Best staff generated ad, first place, Brian Golden, Stab’s
  • Best staff generated ad, second place, Brian Golden, Champagne's Market
  • Best staff generated ad, third place, Leslie Gamboni, Calcasieu 2
  • Best ad campaign, second place, Brian Golden Champagne's Market
  • Best ad campaign, third place, staff, Mason's Grill
  • Best in paper promotion, second place, Emily Hoover, Brian Golden, Economic Outlook Baton Rouge
  • Best in paper promotion, third place, Emily Hoover, Brian Golden Rachel Carlino
  • Best success story of an ad, first place, staff, Lee Michaels Jewelry
  • Best success story of an ad, second place, staff, Shoe Station
  • Best success story of an ad, third place, staff, Shoppers Value
  • Best multiple advertiser page, second place, staff, Sunday Showcase
  • Best multiple advertiser page, third place, staff, Summer Camps 2018
  • Best overall website, third place, staff
  • Best news video, third place, Travis Spradling, Prayer Patrol
  • Best online advertising-single ad, first place, Brian Golden, Drew Brees commemorative poster
  • Best online advertising-single ad, second place, Emily Sucherman, Pygmalion Fest
  • Best online advertising-single ad, third place, Catherine Flotte, Bayou Oaks
  • Best online advertising campaign, first place, Brian Golden, Star of Stars
  • Best online advertising campaign, second place, Brian Golden, Acadiana Business Newsletter
  • Best special section, third place, staff, The Power of Pink