BREAUX BRIDGE — The St. Martin Parish School Board congratulated several Breaux Bridge High School administrators, staff members and coaches who were instrumental in saving the life of a football player who suffered a heart attack during a practice May 24.

Ronald LeBlanc, director of administration and operations, said the player was saved after quick action by head football coach Paul Broussard and his staff, who used a portable defibrillator, administered CPR and kept the other players on the team calm during the crisis.

LeBlanc, schools Superintendent Richard Lavergne and the board also commended nurses Cheryl Benoit and Sharon Boudreaux for convincing the coaches to take time out of their coaching schedule to be trained on the defibrillator just two weeks before the incident.

Other administrators recognized were Principal Rene Angelle and assistant principals Paget Guidry and Louis Blanchard.

Benoit said the national average in administering a defibrillator is three minutes, but the coaches did it in two.

“When I visited the hospital that night, it was great to hear his parents express joy that their child was still alive,” Lavergne said.