A Lafayette Parish jury this week convicted an Opelousas man of third-offense drunk driving, despite the defendant’s claim he that a Lafayette police officer used faulty procedures in arresting him in July 2011.

Samuel Terracina, 56, remains out of jail on bond until he is sentenced later this year.

Fifteenth Judicial District Judge Marilyn Castle ordered a presentence report, and will set a sentencing date after she receives the report, Assistant District Attorney Ronald Dauterive said Thursday.

According to Louisiana statutes, Terracina faces one to five years in prison at hard labor, and a fine up to $1,000.

Terracina was convicted of first-offense drunk driving in Opelousas in July 2004, and his second conviction was in Lafayette in June 2009. He received his third charge after a July 20 traffic stop in Lafayette Parish, according to court records.

Dauterive said in a news release that at the trial this week Terracina challenged the procedures used by Lafayette Police Officer Tommy Aphaiyarath.

Dauterive said the jury found that Aphaiyarath followed procedure.