‘Place Mouton’ proposals in downtown Lafayette generating supporters and opponents — some want statue removed _lowres

Advocate Photo by BRAD KEMP Downtown Development Authority design director Geoff Dyer, left, explains the renovation of Place Mouton during a public meeting on the steps of Le Centre International Monday Dec. 14, 2015 in Lafayette, La..

Downtown Development Authority CEO Geoff Dyer is leaving the organization he joined in 2013 and has headed for less than two years.

Dyer is taking a job with a planning and design firm with in his native Calgary, according to an authority news release. His resignation is effective Aug. 10. 

“He’s constantly presented with a lot of opportunities to do things in other places,” said the authority’s chairman, Patrick Trahan, in an interview. “The chance to go back home to Calgary really appealed to him.”

The news release credits Dyer with helping to lead the lifting of the downtown bar moratorium, installation of new parking meters and revamping of the “Downtown Alive!” concert series.

Dyer also helped the authority refocus “on operations and day-to-day management, which admittedly we had let slide more than it should have,” Trahan said.

Dyer leaves as the Lafayette city-parish government moves forward with redeveloping the old federal courthouse, which Mayor-President Joel Robideaux and other downtown boosters hope will increase the number of people choosing to live downtown.

Trahan said expertise with residential development will be a key qualification for the next person to lead the authority.

“We are not going to get more of any of the things we really like and want until we get some residents here, some 24/7 living,” Trahan said. “I think that’s just critical for us to get to the next step.”

Dyer joined the authority as director of design in August 2013, and has served as its chief executive since December 2016. 

Dyer is quoted in the news release saying he is “grateful for the exceptional staff and the many folks” who have worked with him on downtown development.

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