CAMERON — Water from the 10-foot storm surge Hurricane Laura pushed ashore early Thursday still has part of the main street in the Southwest Louisiana town of Cameron impassible. Downed power lines, trees and other debris, even small boats, block access to other roads five days after Laura's eye passed over the town.

The buildings that remain standing have no power or water. Most cell towers in the town and parish are down.

Just before the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall Aug. 29, 2005, Gov. John Bel Edwards called Laura the most powerful hurricane to ever strike Louisiana. Katrina was followed closely by Rita in 2005.

In 15 years, Cameron has suffered devastating storm surge three times: 12-18 feet of water from Hurricane Rita in 2005, 10 feet of surge from Hurricane Ike, which made landfall about 130 miles away in Galveston, Texas, in 2008; and about 10 feet from Laura, a category 4 hurricane that packed winds of nearly 150 mph. As bad as Laura's storm surge was,