Democrats are outpacing Republicans in early voting statewide for the Nov. 16 election. But in heavily Republican and conservative Lafayette Parish, Republicans cast more early votes Saturday and Monday than Democrats, according to data from the Louisiana Secretary of State Office.

Statewide, 46% of 164,080 early votes cast Saturday and Monday were by Democrats, 39% were cast by Republicans and 15% were cast by those registered 'other.'

Compared with total early voting in the Oct. 12 primary election statewide, the margin between the percentage of Democrats and Republicans is wider so far. Final early voting in the Oct. 12 election showed 43.7% of the 386,468 early votes cast statewide were by Democrats, 41.3% were by Republicans and 15% were by others. 

Voters statewide will decide who will be governor of Louisiana for the next four years during the runoff Nov. 16. In that race, incumbent Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards is being challenged by Republican newcomer Eddie Rispone, who came in second place in the Oct. 12 election, ousting fellow Republican Congressman Ralph Abraham from the runoff ballot.

In Lafayette Parish, Abraham and Edwards both finished with 37% of the vote in the Oct. 12 race, with Abraham receiving 125 more votes than Edwards. Rispone trailed at 25% in Lafayette Parish. Early voters in Lafayette Parish for the Oct. 12 primary cast 40% of their votes for Abraham, 35% for Edwards and 24% for Rispone.

Voters in Lafayette Parish will decide Nov. 16 between Republican Josh Guillory and no party candidate Carlee Alm-LaBar to serve the next four years as mayor-president.

Saturday and Monday, the first two days of early voting for the Nov. 16 election, registered Republicans were ahead of Democrats. Of the 5,159 early votes cast Saturday and Monday, 50% were by Republicans, 34% were by Democrats and 16% were by those registered as other parties.

Those percentages are nearly identical to the percentage breakdowns of early voters in the Oct. 12 election in Lafayette Parish. In that race, of the 12,703 cast early in Lafayette Parish, 51% were Republicans, 33% were Democrats and 16% were others.

Final results of the Oct. 12 election show Guillory with 31% of the vote and Alm-LaBar with 28%. Republican Simone Champagne finished third with 24% of the vote, Democrat Carlos Harvin finished fourth with 10% and Republican Nancy Marcotte finished fifth with 6%.

Those results differed slightly from total early voting results for the Oct. 12 election when Alm-LaBar finished first with 31% of the votes, Champagne was second with 28%, Guillory was third with 26%, Harvin was fourth with 9% and Marcotte with 5%.

Early voting continues daily from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Saturday at the Lafayette Parish Registrar of Voters Office, 1010 Lafayette St., in downtown Lafayette.

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