While most students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette were spending their holiday breaks home visiting family, some were nose-deep in their books, cramming 15 weeks worth of a class into only 15 days.

UL-Lafayette’s 2014 winter intersession ended Friday with final exams.

For those taking a course during the brief semester starting Christmas week, the intense session can be an opportunity to bring their GPAs up for scholarships, fulfill requirements for upper-level classes or graduate on time.

The classes met from Dec. 22 until the final exams on Friday, with the only sanctioned days off being Sundays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

“It’s good for getting a course out of the way quickly, as opposed to a 15-week course,” said Kristen Andrus, an adjunct professor who taught a freshman English research writing course during the intersession. “If students are more driven to trying to get to the point of things, if they’re more focused students, this intersession is good for that.”

Finance major Ja’larrya Stewart and business management major Alaina Montet were taking the class because it was the only course holding them back from getting to higher-level classes.

“If you really need it, I would suggest taking (an intersession course,)” Stewart said. “If not, don’t add that stress to your life.”

Montet agreed.

“It feels like you’re procrastinating on everything because it’s so packed,” she said.

Andrus did give her class a break for Christmas Eve but not for New Year’s Eve.

Despite all that, some students said they find the intersession courses easier to take because they can take only one class.

“I find it easier to devote more time to one subject,” finance major Kristen Credeur said. “Especially English because it’s so time consuming. I don’t have to balance other subjects.”