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Cajun entertainer Jamie Bergeron

Cajun musician Jamie Bergeron, who was fired from his job for sharing inflammatory memes on social media, said in a video posted Wednesday that the posts "are far from being racist."

Bergeron spoke out after being fired from Acadian Companies earlier this week over posts he shared on social media. In a seven-minute video on Facebook titled "You heard them! Now hear me!!!," Bergeron, who worked for Acadian for 30 years alongside his music career, said he believes he was being targeted to be portrayed as a racist. 

"These memes may have been insensitive, but they are far from being racist," he said. "You don’t know this about me, but my first band was a rap group in high school, with three black guys and I was the only white dude… that’s why I even dressed up like Flav for Halloween.

“My life long black friends and coworkers know me, my band and my friends know me, and I only have to answer to that guy upstairs.”

The public criticism of Bergeron began after he shared several memes that include an image of a vehicle hitting protesters in a roadway under the heading, “All Lives Splatter.” Another post suggested “my brakes have been acting up” when referencing people who protest in the roadways.

Acadian Cos. issued statement Tuesday regarding Bergeron’s dismissal, because “it is important to our Acadian family and the communities we are honored to serve that we both acknowledge and communicate the action that we have taken … .”

“The posts and underlying insensitivity and disrespect shown by the posts are not in any way representative of our Company, our beliefs and values, and the extraordinary work of the men and women who work for Acadian,” the company said in an issued statement Tuesday afternoon. “We humbly ask for consideration, as we have all been reminded of in these trying times, that one person and their actions do not represent the whole of one community, one gender, one race, one religion or one company."

Acadiana Business Today: Jamie Bergeron: 'I was targeted' regarding offensive posts that ended in firing; Half of state's $1 billion unemployment fund gone