A St. Landry Parish grand jury has returned indictments against four men involved in two unrelated killings.

The grand jury on Tuesday charged Kevin L. Sam, 33, 107 Patton St., Sunset, with first-degree murder. He was identified as the man who allegedly shot and killed Corneil Landry March 27 in Sunset, according to affidavits.

Two others were charged with the lesser offense of second-degree murder in Landry’s killing. They were present and allegedly engaged in a robbery attempt, according to the affidavits.

The men were identified as James Victor Savoy, 30, 107 Romero St., Carencro and Scott L. Davis, 29, 747 Mills Road, Lafayette.

The shooting occurred early March 27 at 363 Landry St. Authorities have said Landry was shot in the left side of his neck while engaged in a struggle with several people.

Joshua Bernard, a passenger in Landry’s vehicle, told police that he recognized Sam’s voice and is confident that the voice of the person who pointed the gun at Landry was Sam, the affidavit says.

Bernard told detectives that he and Landry were visiting with friends when a man approached the driver’s side door of their vehicle, pulled out a gun and told Landry to “get out the car.”

A second person with the gunman reached inside the car and punched Landry, Bernard said.

Bernard said he then heard someone say “get the drugs.”

When the fatal shot was fired, Bernard said he was involved in a fight with a third person on the passenger side of the vehicle.

According to affidavits, Davis told detectives that Sam pulled out a gun and shot Landry while Landry had Sam in a headlock. Davis denied having any direct involvement in the killing or robbery. Davis also told detectives that Savoy robbed Bernard during the incident, according to affidavits.

However, Bernard identified his attacker and robber as Davis, according to a separate affidavit.

In the second slaying, Richard Kresta, 51, 461 Acadia St., Eunice, was charged with second-degree murder in the May 15 killing of Geary Keith Doucet in Eunice.

Authorities said Kresta confessed to shooting Doucet several times with a handgun after the two men argued, according to an affidavit.