Who knew HGTV stars, roofing and YouTube went together, but this strange combination has given one local company a national spotlight.

Locally owned Pelican Roofing was chosen as one of two companies to be joined by HGTV star Mike Holmes' children, Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes, for their new YouTube series, "Roof It Right." The series paired Mike Holmes Jr. with George Boudreaux, owner of Pelican Roofing, and sees them use HOLMES-approved shingles to replace the roof of locals Carl and Ann LeBlanc in order to remove streaks caused by black algae.

"It's really nice to be recognized for the hard work and dedication we put forth as a team," Boudreaux said. "We were selected from roofing contractors nationwide by Atlas, 3M and Mike Holmes as a company to align with on this web series. They all have extremely high standards, and being in their company is a great achievement is a great achievement and opportunity for Pelican."

Boudreaux said that although the constant scrutiny of being on camera for two days while working made things a bit more stressful, he said the crew handles it well. Mike Holmes Jr. and his staff were great to work with, which was a compliment the Holmes' gave back to the Pelican Roofing crew.

“Our dad taught us everything we know,” Mike Jr. says. “Because of him, Sherry and I are passionate about what we do and I felt honored to join the Pelican team to roof it right.” 

The first full episode was uploaded Feb. 26 and the second on Mardi Gras and has already garnered almost 3,000 views. Find aall episodes on Mike Holmes' YouTube channel here.

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