After weeks of chanting his name in the streets, activists and family members tearfully gathered Thursday to say their final goodbyes to Trayford Pellerin.

Pellerin, 31, died Aug. 21 after being shot by Lafayette police officers at a gas station at NW Frontage Road and Chalmette Drive, less than half a mile from the Philadelphia Christian Church where his funeral service was held Thursday. An independent autopsy contracted by Pellerin’s family said Pellerin was shot by officers 10 times, a family statement said.

Dozens of community members, friends and family funneled into the church between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. for a public visitation, pausing beside Trayford Pellerin’s partially open casket to offer a prayer and an outstretched hand before their final goodbye.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory was among those who came to pay respects and attend the service, arriving 15 minutes before the service to share a few quiet moments with the family along the receiving line and to say a prayer beside Pellerin’s casket.