A man charged with attempted murder in the stabbing last June of a teenage girl during a police pursuit on Interstate 10 claims in letters written from his Lafayette jail cell that they had a murder-suicide pact.

Steven Myers stabbed the girl multiple times, then stabbed himself as the truck he and the girl were in rolled to a stop on I-10 in north Lafayette on June 18, with a long line of police officers from multiple law enforcement agencies in tow.

“I think I stabbed (the girl) like 9 times trying to keep to our agreement that we made before all of our 8 day run began,” the 42-year-old Myers wrote to a family member last summer.

“I was to kill her and then kill myself,” Myers wrote in the letter, which was undated. “Not knowing for sure if she was Dead or not I only stabbed myself one time to let it be known that I was as very serious as (she) was about our agreement that we made.”

Myers, a convicted sex offender who lived in Plant City, Florida, wrote the letters in the months after he and the 16-year-old girl from Valico, Florida, left together on June 11.

They embarked on a 750-plus-mile journey that ended dramatically a week later with a 40-mile police chase that began in Grosse Tete and ended on I-10 in Lafayette, where authorities deliberately laid down spikes that flattened Myers’ tires.

Leaving the girl alone and bleeding in the truck, Myers still held the knife when he staggered toward officers, who stung him with a stun gun and unleashed a police dog on him, according to police reports.

The girl, who according to Florida authorities is bipolar, was in serious condition when she was admitted to a Lafayette hospital. She has since recuperated and has returned to her family.

“She does not remember the series of events that put her into the hospital,” Myers wrote in a letter dated Aug. 18. “I don’t know how many times she screamed ‘Kill me now.’ ”

Myers’ letters, and also one his mother wrote to him, are contained in his Lafayette Parish criminal case file that has been made public. He is being held at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on charges of attempted second-degree murder and criminal damage to property.

Myers also is being held for future extradition to Florida, where he could face counts of sex crimes with an underage person. An official at the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court’s Office on Thursday said there was an arrest warrant waiting for Myers but would not elaborate except to say Myers has not been charged there yet.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said in an alert issued June 11, 2014, that Myers was wanted on counts of illegally traveling to meet a minor and attempted unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

“Now I don’t know if I will ever be free again, if I will ever be able to even face (the girl) after I stabbed her 9 times,” Myers wrote to someone named Kristian. “Can you believe I actually stabbed her and myself?”

The trip started coming to an end when Myers and the girl stopped at the Tiger Truck Stop on I-10 in Grosse Tete, where they ate at a restaurant then walked to the nearby store so Myers could buy a pack of cigarettes — L&M shorts, menthol.

Fawn Domingue, a cashier at the truck stop, recognized the girl after earlier that day logging onto Facebook and watching CNN’s Nancy Grace report on the missing Florida girl and Myers, her presumed abductor.

Domingue alerted Iberville Parish sheriff’s deputies, who began a chase that drew in State Police and other law enforcement agencies. As the caravan approached Lafayette, Myers’ truck ran over spikes laid down by police. He drove until the rims were bare and the truck was on fire.

“I did drive on the rims and only stopped because the truck wouldn’t go anymore. I had no idea it was on fire,” Myers wrote in the Aug. 18 letter.

Myers also expressed regret for the hurt the girl experienced and that he was to blame.

‘Ha! Ha! I shouldn’t have done what all I did to get myself in here in the first place,” he wrote.

Myers’ case file also contains a letter from his mother, who expressed hope that her son would receive counseling if he goes to prison.

“I’m assuming you had sex with her. … Was it possible that she could of been pregnant? Or did she want to get pregnant? … I’m so glad she did not die,” his mother wrote in a letter dated Aug. 16.

She ended the four-page letter with a wish: “Really be nice if you could find a person to love & have one or two kids to be able to raise & be a part of,” she wrote.

Myers was scheduled for trial in Lafayette on May 4, but it was delayed. At a pretrial hearing in late April, his court-appointed attorney, Valerie Garrett, would not say why it was delayed.