Matt Sias

Matt Sias

Matt Sias Jr. is owner of MSJ Insurance Agency in Lafayette and recently founded an organization called the Millennial Networking Group. He serves as its executive director.

Growing up as a twin, life was always interesting for me. Although my brother and I always challenged each other in friendly competitions, there was never a dull moment in our household. Both of our parents always kept my siblings and I grounded and instilled family values. My father owned a private-practice substance abuse clinic, and he showed us that we too could own a business if we desired.

After working for State Farm as a cold caller/assistant and at Kinchen Funeral Home as a life insurance agent and a claims manager, I combined that with my customer service experience managing multiple restaurants to start my own agency. I partnered with a few general agencies to gain contracts like Progressive, Liberty Mutual and Travelers and started servicing our community.

Since high school, I have always had ambitions of owning my own business. I originally wanted to own a restaurant, but the insurance industry found me while waiting tables in college. A State Farm agency owner by the name of Brad Markerson offered me a job based on my customer service skills. He thought I would be a perfect fit. Once discovering about the insurance industry and how it protects people from the unexpected and being able to be there for people during a time of need while making a living, it just made so much sense.

In Louisiana, only cases with claims in excess of $50,000 receive a jury trial. You see lots of settlements at $49,000, I think changing that law could reshape auto insurance in the state. Second, Louisiana traditionally has higher bodily injury rates and more lawsuits per capita than most states. I believe that's due to our aging roads. Fixing our infrastructure can help bring down insurance rates.

Just getting the opportunity to do business with mid- to large-sized companies is a problem now. Getting a fair chance and to be judged based on my skill set and not on the perception of what a minority business is capable of I find is a problem.

The Millennial Networking Group is an organization that provides a developmental success of millennials with professional, business and personal tools through various endeavors. Millennials want to see opportunities for young entrepreneurs and business owners to be looked at as valuable to the city of Lafayette along with incubation systems to start business in various industries.

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