The new owners of a Lafayette bakery and coffee shop plan to expand the brand across Acadiana and beyond.

Zuhause Bakery & Coffee, which opened in 2017 at the intersection of Johnston Street and West Broussard Road, could have satellite locations in the downtown and Youngsville areas within a year or two, the new owners said.

"We weren't actively seeking a restaurant, but this was a place we had been to before," said Josh Breaux, a partner of the bakery. "We definitely liked the product they were putting out, and we liked the decor and location. We saw a lot of opportunity for growth."

Breaux owns a manufacturing rental and repair company for the oil and gas industry, and his business partner Jett Dueitt works in commercial real estate.

Both were looking for an investment opportunity when Deuitt learned that the former owners of Zuhause were looking to get out of the business.

"There was concern we would take over and just do Sysco pastries or something," Dueitt said. "But that's the last thing we wanted to do. We always had the intention of keeping the uniqueness of Zuhause with homemade pastries."

Zuhause — German for "at home" — once featured German-inspired creations under the leadership of Rainer Krischkowski, a pastry chef who operated several bakeries in Germany.

Although some of the items, such as the soft pretzels, are still on the menu, the new owners, who took over in May,  no longer consider Zuhause to be a German-inspired bakery.

"We no longer have the German pastry chef," Breaux said. "And none of us are of German descent, so I would say today, it's no longer a German-inspired bakery."

Longtime Lafayette pastry chef Sue Barras, who has worked for places such as Indulge and Charley G's, is now baking for Zuhause.

Krischkowski stayed on with the bakery for three months after the ownership change to ensure a smooth transition. Dueitt and Breaux said they are still in touch him as they continue to make adjustments to the Zuhause menu.

The new owners have removed some of the less popular items from the menu, and they're developing more extensive lunch and brunch menus.

"It's important to point out what makes our sandwiches — hamburgers, po'boys, chicken salad sandwiches — very good is that all of our bread is made in house daily," Breaux said. "Everything down to the baguettes served with soups to the buns are made in house."

Zuhause also continues to offer a large selection of hot and cold coffee drinks, which are made with French Truck Coffee of New Orleans.

Dueitt and Breaux looked at a property near downtown last week as a potential space to expand the Zuhause name. They're hoping to open satellite spots near downtown or the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus and in the Youngsville or Broussard area within a year or two

If that goes as planned, they're hoping to expand the Zuhause name to Baton Rouge and Mandeville.

"We thought this 3,000-square-foot bakery could serve as a base for us. The concept and uniqueness of the business can be scaled easily," Dueitt said. "I think we have a fresh outlook on things. We want to be known as a place with great customer service and a welcoming atmosphere."

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