Dinger (center) stopped to take photos with fans of his new game, "Captains of the Gulf" at Board Game Geek Con in Dallas last November.

The Morgan City man behind the popular board game "Captains of the Gulf" is set to release his second board game in 2020. 

Jason Dinger, IT and purchasing director for the city of Morgan City, loves to woodwork and play board games in his spare time. The former Army corporal says his new game, "Crescent City Cargo," will be the second in a trilogy of games he will release, with a third game called "The Acadiens" that will involve the early settlement of Louisiana. 

"I never planned on being a game designer," he said. "This all started with a dream. But I saw this picture of a floating grain elevator loading cargo onto a steel hull steam cargo ship at the Port of New Orleans, and it hit me in the soul."

The game involves players taking on the role of competing logistics companies at the port at the turn of the 20th century. Players can direct workers to ship coffee, grain, meat, iron and wood in and out of the port via containers, trains and steam ships. 

"Captains of the Gulf" got picked up by European board game company Spielworxx, sold out on presales at numerous online stores and was a surprise hit in the board game community worldwide. Because the company has lined up its releases for this year, "Crescent City Cargo" will release after the big gaming convention "Spiel" in Germany in late 2020.

"It's really an odd feeling but in a good way," he said. "If you have told me my first game would be picked up and published by my favorite publisher and be so well-received, I wouldn't have believed you. The fact that that same publisher would try my second game and be excited about my trilogy idea is unimaginable to me.

"It feels good, but I'm still just a guy from Morgan City. I feel very fortunate for the way everything has worked out."

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