With the help of "La Famiglia" (The Family) and some good, local ingredients, Lafayette restaurant and provisioner Bread & Circus Provisions wowed the people at Southern Living and has taken the No. 3 spot on their list of "The South's Best Pizza."

Southern Living said executive chef and owner Manny Augello's connections to "deep-rooted Italian traditions and those of Cajun Louisiana" allowed him to draw out some of the best pizza south of the Mason-Dixon line. Augello, who started Bread & Circus Provisions six years ago at the Farmer's Market at the Horse Farm, said making pizza was just something he always wanted to do.

"We started as just a provisioner, but it was just a no-brainer to start offering some kind of lunch or dinner and two years into it I decided it was time do what I really wanted to do which was wood-fired Neapolitan Pizza," Augello said. "It's not something we fished out to accomplish, but it's great to be noticed and recognized and we plan to keep doing what we do the best we can."

Some of the unique pizzas that allowed Bread & Circus to catch Southern Living's eye included their pizzas using house-made charcuterie and their local honey-topped pizza, The Bee Sting.

According to Augello, they've had a few new guests because of the article and the restaurant has had a good response online. Augello said he thinks the reason their pizza is noteworthy is because the restaurant prepares all its pizzas following 10 rules for authentic Neapolitan pizza as outlined by the Naples Pizza Association.

"There's no way of faking Neapolitan pizza, but you're either Neopolitan or not. There's no faking it. There's very stringent rules you have to abide by. Everything from the source of the ingredients, to how the dough is made to the temperature of the oven and the wood used," Augello said.

Bread & Circus Provisions, at 258 Bendel Road, started out of two homes in 2013 and quickly outgrew the farmer's market, opening its storefront just 10 months later. According to its website, "'Bread & Circus' sums up our philosophy on food. A good meal serves many more purposes than merely surviving. Food feeds both your body and soul."

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