Businesses can get better at managing its social media presence by planning postings and being more conversational, Meg Hawley with marketing agency Klout 9 said during the Broussard Chamber of Commerce's Business Over Breakfast.

Hawley used her experience at marketing and teaching to show how in under an hour businesses could plan out the entire month's worth social media posts and how to give each post the biggest chance at reaching and connecting with potential customers.

"Social media is a bit of a daunting subject," she said. "We are in a bit of a weird position where we've had to adapt to social media. Even the younger of us in this room didn't grow up in a world with social media. As our world has grown and changed and become more digital, it's absolutely imperative that you and your businesses have a presence on the social media platforms that make sense for you."

Businesses should approach social media as a conversation on a plane with their neighbor instead of television or radio ads. Hawley broke down how social media posts can connect with followers by mixing up how you post online into four categories: the services you provide, education on why people might need your services, community involvement and highlighting your people.

"Social media's a different ballgame," she said. "You're not going to have a conversation on a billboard, but you have people's attention online and you can touch people every day with those super computers in their pockets. All you need is a strategy to produce the content for your business to make that connection." 

Posting every day helps move social media platform's algorithm in a business' favor, she said, making it important to plan out and post content daily.

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