Craig Henry

Craig Henry

Craig Henry runs Holy Trinity Catering, a food catering service that serves events for church groups, civic organizations and feeding those less fortunate or in a time of need or disaster. He is also managing owner of Bradford Food Group, a U.S.-based food distribution company that also co-owns multiple bakery locations in Mexico. 

Growing up in Midland was very simple and quiet. Almost everyone was/is related to some degree. My mom was a housewife and my dad was a small-business owner and eventually went to work for the state. My biggest influencer without a doubt was my dad's mother, Viola Henry. I was always taught to mean what you say and to say what you mean. Your word and integrity was something no one could take from you. Her devout Catholic faith was ingrained in all of us from a very young age, especially her devotion to saying the rosary.

I went straight from high school into the restaurant business. I worked for Sonic, Morrison's Cafeteria, Burger Tyme and Old Country Buffet. I eventually got out the business and moved back to Louisiana. I went into the trucking business in 2000. That business allowed me to diversify and invest into a food distribution company about 10 years ago. This ultimately led me into investing with our largest client in Mexico, "Suspiros Pastelerias," who was one of the largest independent bakery chains in Hermosillo, Mexico. They in turn looked to me and my partners for capital to help grow the business to a national chain. We, along with our partners in the U.S. and Mexico as well as our franchisees, today operate almost 250 bakeries all across Mexico and southern Arizona.

I have been cooking for quite some time, really ever since I can remember. My dad, Rodley Henry, was known for his cooking, and that is where I got the love to cook. I was really just piecemealing it together out the back of my truck for the last 15-plus years.

In 2017 when Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, Acadiana was home to many of those who were evacuated/displaced from east Texas. I was approached by Kim Boudreaux with Catholic Charities to help coordinate and feed the Texas evacuees. I, along with several like-minded friends and families from St. Thomas More, stepped up to the plate to make it happen. I think we served about 600-700 plates that day. The love and appreciation we were shown brought me pure joy. I realized I needed to be more organized and self-contained if I was going to continue to do these type of cooks. I built a custom trailer and set everything up in a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We work strictly on love offerings to help cover basic cost such as maintenance, insurance and standard operating cost.

My focus is to do events that help keep people focused on what Christ has called us to be. Good quality Cajun food is a good way to bridge the gap and bring folks together. My trademarked slogan is: Made with FAITH. Seasoned with LOVE. I typically work with a volunteer crew of five to 10 people. Most of them are part of my Catholic ACTS Retreat community.

The responses from people we feed truly has been overwhelming. The love and compliments that we receive for the food and service we provide is unexplainable. It is truly overwhelming. Just (last) week I received a call at 9:30 p.m. to cook breakfast for those less fortunate at St. Joseph's Diner the next morning 5:30 a.m. They were in a panic mode and desperately needed help. After a brief conversation, we determined that there were also no volunteers scheduled to help that morning as well. I made a few phone calls to different ACTS retreat prayer groups, and within about 20 minutes we were all set. We served a full hot breakfast that morning to 100 men and women.

I currently serve as managing partner for the U.S. portion of the Suspiros as well as Bradford Food Group. We have a great team, which allows me a ton of time to do God's work with Holy Trinity. It might be the most popular bakery business in Mexico. It is indeed very popular and has extremely good name recognition throughout Mexico and southern Arizona. The story on how the Esparza family started from baking cakes out of their home for birthday and special occasions is amazing in itself.

I'm currently enrolled in the Halftime Institute in Texas. It's a year-long program to help folks discern what is their true calling from God. Hopefully, I will have a clear vision by the end of the year and I will be able to move forward in the direction that will bring me from success to significance.

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