Daylily, which bills itself as a "gift store for the eclectic minimalist," has opened at 116 Rue Promenade, Suite 100, in River Ranch.

Christina Barbier and her husband also own Maven Womenswear across the street. The 900-square-feet location offers interesting goods ranging from crystals and jewelry to cookbooks, organic baby clothes and crystal-infused candles. 

It's in the former home of Maven Menswear, where, Barbier said, for seven years she "sold enough plaid shirts and khaki pants" and wanted a change. This led her to creating what she calls "shopping as an experience" with a variety of gifts in a bright and inviting environment.

"I really love Lafayette, but didn't like the feeling of needing to go somewhere else to experience something cool, so let's start building those cool experiences in the town we love," Barbier said. "Daylily is really kind of a litmus test for something totally different and new for the retail landscape."

Daylily also makes some of its products in house, including crystal-infused candles, fragrance rollers, room sprays and oils. The crystals aren't just for New Age followers of crystal healing, she said, but for anyone who appreciates beauty and unique gifts.

"The idea of being able to appreciate the beauty of something that comes from the Earth is really important to us," Barbier said. "I really think the idea of crystal healing is going to make a comeback, but even if you don't believe in crystal healing, you can't deny the beauty of something that's been a hundred million years in the making."

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