Waitr founder and former CEO Chris Meaux has been named senior adviser for Baton Rouge-based Relief Telemed, an on-demand health care platform, its co-founders announced Wednesday morning. 

Vishal Vasanji and James Davis said adding said Meaux will bring his knowledge and experience of on-demand platforms and hyperlocal sales strategies to the company, which is currently housed in the Louisiana Technology Park, 7117 Florida Blvd. The company will also benefit from his understanding of growing startups to guide and advise the company on their path to rapid growth, they said. 

Relief Telemed allows patients to have convenient access to advanced levels of health care by working with existing clinics in local communities to give patients virtual access to a doctor or preferred clinic through video chat. 

“We are extremely excited to have someone with Chris’s experience and insights join our advisory team," Vasanji said, who is also the company's CEO. "His expertise with on-demand delivery platforms and rapid consumer adoption will undoubtedly help us design a framework that can scale.

"In order to innovate and build something great, you have to look at those that have done it. Chris has created the blueprint. We just need to adapt it and execute.”

It's the latest business venture of note for Meaux, who in August stepped aside from his position with Waitr, the successful food delivery app-based company he founded in 2013. He agreed to stay on as chairman of the board and to help focus on long-term strategy. 

In June he was named the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Gulf Coast area by Ernst & Young, LLP.  

“Vishal and James are just beginning their journey for growth with the Relief platform, and I feel my experience with building on demand platforms will help accelerate their growth," Meaux said. "I truly believe they are on the track to change health care as we know it, and I want to help them accelerate their plans by avoiding obstacles faced while growing on demand platforms.”

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