It’s kind of like Stitch Fix but for sauces: you answer a six basic questions about what you’re looking for in a sauce, and the guys at will give you a recommendation.

That’s how the Lafayette-based site designed by Hunter Thevis and Reece Merryman works. But unlike Stitch Fix, there’s no subscription model and it’s more than just hot sauce. You’ll find about 100 sauces ranging from small-batch ketchup to fermented kimchili sauce, Thevis said.

The site,, launches Thursday.

“The idea came from a problem that I found myself continually facing,” said Thevis, a 2018 graduate who recently earned his MBA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. “I love cooking and I love the fact that sauces can represent flavors from around the world bottled up in a convenient package. The problem I found was that grocery stores just didn’t have the variety of condiments I was looking for. After digging into it a bit more, I found that there were thousands of small-batch sauce makers out there that either didn’t have the capital or the marketing chops to bring their product to a mass audience. “

The site will connect users with those smaller sauce brands and other details, including a taste description (a Ghost sauce is listed as “HOT, oniony, vinegary), which foods would the sauce would best accompany it and heat level. It also includes nutritional facts and a biography of the sauce’s maker.

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