The nickname’s roots go all the way back to childhood, when his friends starting calling him Lucky. But the persona really took off when Shawn Bernard started posting Facebook videos as his alter ego, Uncle Luck.

“I would post crazy videos as this character, an old guy speaking real old country French, speaking knowledge and dispensing wisdom,” Bernard said.

Entertaining runs in the family. Bernard's older brother is Bryson Bernard, better known by his stage name Cupid. Bryson Bernard has released four albums, and is best known for the single "Cupid Shuffle."

Most of Shawn Bernard's videos were centered around food, Uncle Luck giving advice while making cornbread or stirring the gumbo. That’s because food has always been an important part of Bernard’s life. From a young age, he said, he was always in the kitchen helping his mom peel potatoes and chop onions.

Now Bernard is bringing his persona and his love of cooking to the public with Uncle Luck’s Cajun & Creole Cuisine at Parc Rowe. The buffet-style restaurant at 116 E. Vermilion St. officially opened to the public Friday. Hours will be 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

"My grandpa will be proud to see this from up above," Bryson Bernard said of his brother's success. "We used to listen to him and all the old-schoolers talk and it's living in him now."

Bernard, 34, is something of a renaissance man. After working offshore for about 13 years, he decided he needed to spend more time with his family. He launched a new career with Bernard’s Inspection Services. He also launched a side gig as what he calls a “country motivational speaker.”

“It’s really just the Uncle Luck character,” Bernard said. He speaks at schools, churches and other organizations. He’s even making a pilot for a TV cooking show, featuring – who else? – Uncle Luck.

The restaurant will feature jambalaya, fried fish, barbecue and Bernard’s specialty, Uncle Luck’s chicken.

Bernard knows the restaurant business can be challenging, but he’s OK with that. He reflects on advice his parents gave him as a child: “Nothing in life is free and nothing in life is easy. You have to work for everything,” he said.

Oh, and, “nothing is impossible.”

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