The former Field of Dreams Sports Bar, 1036 Baker Hughes Road in Broussard, will soon become a Dream Castle where charity events, weddings and all manner of special occasions can become a reality.

Opening July 1, Dream Castle is the literal dream of longtime photographer Janeen Elaine and her husband, Alex Carillo. Even though the building is primarily an event venue for things such as meetings, luncheons and parties, the hall will also be Elaine's new photography studio.

"My goal in life was to have a charity event venue and to accomplish that goal, I'd need a place. And my goal while doing photography was that I needed a bigger studio, so I decided they could be the same thing, so this building is both a photography studio and an event venue," Elaine said. "We have looked at different lots throughout Lafayette, but what better than taking a building that isn't being used and utilize it for the community?"

Most notably, the event venue is open once a month for free to local charities that are 100 percent nonprofit organizations. Elaine said that she was inspired when she saw that so many charities had to say a certain percent of money raised would go to a good cause because organizations had to cover overhead, so she said she wanted to give back more to the community and cut down on those costs for charities. 

"We want to help people and help the organizations that help people. We just ask that these organizations give us a little notice, preferably eight months notice so we don't have 10 events in a month all crammed together," Elaine said.

Elaine and her six employees will be available for all-inclusive events that include a DJ, catering, photography and videography and a full bar. There will also be in-house vendors providing fresh florist, coordination, cake decoration and chef services. 

The 9,000-square-feet venue also has a 25-feet-by-15-feet outdoor area on the back that has a "perfect view of the sunset" according to Elaine. There is also an outdoor covered patio space on the front side of the building that can seat 150 people. 

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