The Gap, Gap Kids and Banana Republic stores in the Mall of Acadiana will close Jan. 28, a source said Monday.

Gap Inc. CEO Art Peck said Nov. 20 the retailer is considering closing hundreds of stores "with urgency" during an earnings call. Some of these stores would include Gap's flagship locations. 

The company has not released a list of store closures. 

The company closed 200 Gap and Banana Republic stores in 2017.

“There are hundreds of other stores that likely don’t fit our vision for the future of Gap brand specialty store, whether in terms of profitability, customer experience, traffic trends,” Peck said on Nov. 20. “There likely will be a cash cost to exit many of these stores, which we will attempt to minimize. But I plan to exit those that do not fit the future vision quickly. I’m going to move thoughtfully but aggressively.”

Peck said the drag of real estate obligations is what's pulling down the Gap brand right now, which saw underwhelming sales last quarter, a continuing trend for the brand.

“Addressing the bottom half of the fleet represents over $100 million of earnings contribution opportunity and it is that portion of the fleet that is dragging down the brand,” he said. “This is the piece of the business that we are firmly committed to addressing with urgency.”

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