Todd Buckman

Todd Buckman

Todd Buckman recently bought controlling interest of, an app-based delivery service that specializes in serving rural areas. Buckman had been the company's business development manager. 

I served in Ranger Regiment and was grateful for the opportunity to have multiple deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. After getting out I saw that veterans had a difficult time getting jobs worthy of their skill sets because their résumés did not translate to the civilian sector. I still run an industrial supply company, but the main focus is on growing RoadRunner. My goal is to continue providing a source of delivery to our local stores and restaurants without charging them anything and sharing this opportunity with other veterans.

After earning my master's degree in 2015, I started an industrial supply company that sourced local products for businesses and delivered them myself the same day. Over the years I saw the growth of the restaurant delivery app business and wanted to provide the same platform for all products. I was hoping to provide our local mom-and-pop stores with free same-day delivery and put them at a competitive advantage with online stores. I was exploring options to provide a retail delivery app in 2019. When I saw that RoadRunner was doing the same thing for local restaurants, I contacted them immediately, and we teamed up to combine our concepts in order to revolutionize the way people shop.

Business has increased significantly in recent months due to the pandemic. With people stuck at home or not ready to venture into stores yet, we have seen a massive increase in deliveries of all products and a rapid growth. Even customers who have returned to work are still using RoadRunner as the new norm for shopping. With the new round of shutdowns we are seeing new users as well.

Andrew Carnegie's concept of limited overhead was influential to me and is a practice that allows us to avoid expenditures like a big office so we can both increase our driver pay and not charge fees to our local businesses and restaurants.

We are currently developing something that will be revolutionary in this industry that we look forward to unveiling in the near future. In the meantime, we understand there is competition in this space as well as customer demand to get food and items delivered. Our objective is to limit overhead, take care of our drivers and hire veterans. We feel that following these core values and welcoming our drivers and investors as family will create the environment of fiscal success and efficient expansion. Four other veterans are in my group so far but we are speaking with others who love the concept of delivering anything and would like to help grow this company.

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