Sunbelt Lighting, the Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based ceiling fan and lighting retailer with an office in Lafayette, will move to new location along Johnston Street later this year.

The company will move out of his current location at 6413 Johnston St. to a new location at 111 Duhon Road by October or November, regional manager Dan Causey said. The company filed a building permit in March for $1.15 million for the new 10,000-square-foot showroom.

It’s one of seven showrooms the company has but only one of two in Louisiana with the other in Baton Rouge. The store, he noted, caters mostly to builders.

“We’ve kind of done well in the area,” Causey said. “So to give our clients a better experience, we want to offer a new experience in lighting. We’ll be putting a lot of bells and whistles in it. It’ll be the nicest store we have.”

The store will offer commercial lighting options, gas lanterns, chandeliers and other lighting options. It will also offer bathroom and door hardware. It currently employs eight but will add more once the move is complete.

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