Lafayette ready to toast official opening of Ambassador Town Center retail complex _lowres

The exterior of Costco is seen in the Ambassador Town Center March 17, 2016, on the store's first day open to the public.

Costco raised its minimum wage for entry-level workers to $15 or higher an hour for its Lafayette store and others companywide.

The company bumped it up to $15 for service assistants, such as stockers, and $15.50 for service clerks, such as cashiers, according to a statement from the Seattle-area-based company. The raises are part of a three-year employee agreement that the company discussed during an earnings call last week.

Company officials declined to identify the number of employees at the Lafayette store, 201 Meadow Farm Road, which opened two years ago. Earlier reports indicate Costco stores employ about 200.

According to a report in the Seattle Times, the company raised entry-level worker pay by $1 the day after posting a 27-percent jump in second quarter earnings. Its stock price rose 5.1 percent to $227.82 per share that day.

A top-of-scale clerk can make $25.65 an hour, the Times reported.

Costco also has stores in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. 

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