Chick fil a

Chick-fil-A will move its store on Ambassador Caffery Parkway to near the Costco Warehouse in Lafayette at the site of the former Red Robin Gourmet Hamburgers. 

Chick-Fil-A will close its location on Ambassador Caffery Parkway and move to a spot near the Costco Warehouse next year.

Local operator John Arton said papers have been signed for the company to acquire the former Red Robin Gourmet Hamburgers location at 101 Meadow Farm Road and move there. Work will begin in early 2022 and could be open by April.

The location at 3806 Ambassador Caffery Parkway first opened in 1997 as the popular quick serve chain first started branching out of locations inside shopping malls. But it does not offer the larger amount of space that newer locations have to handle the drive-thru line, which often spills out of the parking lot into the street.

That location has two drive-thru lanes that feed into one lane and is capable of holding on 12 cars at one time, or 175 in one hour at best, Arton said. Most Chick-Fil-A locations, including the Louisiana Avenue store, can operate two lanes around the restaurant that can hold more than 30 cars at one time, or nearly 250 in one hour.

“We couldn’t do anything with the property we had,” Arton said. “We tried every which way of making it work.”

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Company officials will demolish the Red Robin location and build a store with the new concept design with two drive-thru lanes, he said.

The Atlanta-based company oversees all its real estate affairs, including site selection, purchasing, construction and equipment. It opened a new design store in Georgia that features modular construction aimed at increasing efficiency.

“I’ve been to our new concepts,” Arton said. “The new concept is faster than that one. This store will be a beautiful store. But it’s just the flow of traffic and the production that we have inside. We’ll be able to flow the product out of the window. Then we can feed that second line.”

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