PLay N Trade

Play N Trade's new store in Carencro.

Play N Trade, a locally owned video game store, will open its second location next weekend in Carencro by the end of the month.

Owner Geoff Pearson said the store, located at 200 Hector Connoly Rd, in the same shopping center as Rotolo's Pizzeria. Pearson said he has been planning to open a new location for a while, but has been torn on where to locate it.

Pearson added that he hopes to open May 25, but says he might have to postpone the grand opening of the 1,200-square-foot store to June 1 at the latest. 

“Everyone was always saying I should expand to Youngsville, but the demographics and location are much better in Carencro," he said. "There's also a lot of old money in Youngsville, and old money doesn't shop for video games. There’s also been a lot of growth north of the city, and I think that people don’t want to get off the highway and drive through Lafayette to go shopping, which is something Carencro can offer.”

Pearson opened the first Play N Trade's store 11 years ago at 2668 Johnston St., Suite A3 when he was only 25 years old as a franchise of the Play N Trade corporation. The company at one time had more than 1,000 stores, but corporate collapsed four years ago and left the franchisees to become independent owners.

Pearson's store is one of 30 remaining, which he said they've outgrown. It's also six miles away from the nearest competitor, the Gamestop at 3211 Louisiana Ave. 

"It's the strongest Gamestop in the area financially," he said. "So by moving where we are, we're hoping to intercept some of that traffic flow from Carencro and Opelousas."

The store will employ about six people.

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