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Completeful owner Josh Goree spoke with Jan Swift of the Discover Lafayette podcast. 

Completeful now occupies about half of the 230,000-square-foot former Walmart Supercenter along the Evangeline Thruway, and the remaining space could be used for an incubator or other tech or manufacturing companies, owner Josh Goree said.

Speaking with Jan Swift of the Discover Lafayette podcast, Goree talked about the state of his drop shipping business now that it has bought that massive building earlier this year and his story as a business owner and that began with a goal of buying a Raising Cane’s franchise.

You can listen to their conversation here.

Completeful, which currently has 100 employees, consolidated its operations from three facilities in Lafayette Parish. With 100 employees at the time of the move, the company plans to add another 100 this year and as many as 500 during peak production periods.

The employees have shared equity in the company, he said, and Lafayette — with its fiber optic internet system with LUS Fiber — the company now has the space, machines, power and internet to reach customers across the globe, he said.

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“With a stake in the company, they genuinely want it to succeed,” he said. “As it grows, everyone will prosper. We’re not just recirculating local dollars. We’re bringing it in.”

A drop shipment center houses equipment and materials that small business owners, often home-based businesses, can use to manufacture their products to sell to customers. It removes the cost of any equipment as a burden to doing business, and the drop shipping supplier ships the product to the customer.

At Completeful, it has the technology to build the software to allow sellers to produce the goods but also the equipment to manufacture the items. Many drop shippers, Goree noted, focus more on one aspect or the other.

Goree, who did not study business while at Louisiana Tech on a track scholarship, found his way into the business world after becoming disenchanted with his career as an engineer. Several stabs in the business world – including buying a hair salon with no experience in cosmetology and no employees – led him to the world of drop shipping.

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