Drive-through lanes outfitted with pneumatic tubes are provided at the new Lafayette Utilities System and LUS Fiber customer service center on Moss Street Thursday, September 8, 2016, in Lafayette, La. 

LUS Fiber is expanding its internet, television and telephone services into Carencro, officials announced Tuesday.

The municipally owned and operated fiber network made the announcement less than a year after expanding into Youngsville and Broussard as part of its goal of serving every city in Lafayette Parish.

“The residents of Carencro have expressed their interest in LUS Fiber for many years,” said Teles Fremin, LUS Fiber interim director. “We are extremely honored that so many residents throughout Lafayette Parish appreciate the value that LUS Fiber can bring to their communities.”

The company will offer services to the Oak Cove neighborhood and the city’s downtown area first. Additional services will be rolled out this summer.

“The tremendous growth in residential and commercial development in Carencro makes this a great time for LUS Fiber to offer services here,” Carencro Mayor Glenn Brasseaux said. “We welcome LUS Fiber and are pleased that our citizens and businesses will have a range of advanced options to choose from for their telecommunications needs.”

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