Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop, a Tennessee-based bakery chain, will open a franchise in Lafayette Aug. 27 next to Champagne's Market in the Oil Center.

The store will be run by Andrew Lawton, stepson of Champagne's owner Greg Champagne and son of The Kitchenary owner Beth Champagne. The new restaurant is under the "Champagne's umbrella," Lawton said, and will be located in the same shopping center as both businesses at 454 Heymann Blvd. 

Lawton said he discovered the chain through a friend and loved them so much he wanted to open one in Lafayette.

"It's a small franchise right now that we found out about through a mutual friend and we just love their pies, so we talked to them about franchise opportunities and now we're opening one here in Lafayette," Lawton said.

"It's all made from scratch in the bakery. The dough, the fillings — everything's made from scratch, and it's been a learning experience for me. We're really excited about it."

The shop will sell eight daily pies all of the franchises offer, which includes southern custard, granny's apple, chocolate cream, key lime, peanut butter cream, coconut cream, chewy chocolate chip and their special, the I-40, a pecan, chocolate chip and toasted coconut pie on sweet shortbread crust.

It will also always offer pecan pie and the seasonal pie, which is currently a blueberry, blackberry and strawberry pie called the triple berry.

The shop offers pies in the standard 9-inch size that serves seven to nine people, a 4-inch pie and in a dozen assortments of 2-inch pies that offers three each of the key lime, chocolate cream, I-40 and chewy chocolate chip. Iyt also offers pie stacks for parties or gifts, thumbprint cookies and chocolate or vanilla Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Lawton said the the pie shop, which will employ about a dozen people, will also do event catering.

"There aren't any brick-and-mortar just pie shops in Lafayette," he said. "So I'm interested to see how it does, but we're pretty confident people are going to like it."

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