Pizza Artista beer wall

Joshua Drake with FN Beer Guys installing the beer wall Thursday at Pizza Artista. 

Pizza Artista will install a 24-tap self-pour beer wall next month at its Lafayette location at 5409 Johnston St. in Time Plaza. 

Co-owners Scott and Cynthia McClasky and Kirk Miller approached iPourIt in November about installing a beer wall and may have it available in as soon as Friday evening if nothing goes wrong during installation, but definitely in time for the "create-your-own" pizza restaurant's fourth anniversary in February.

“The self-serve concept is a natural fit with a Pizza Artista’s create-your-own business model," Scott McClaskey said. "We chose to work with iPourIt because we were impressed with data reporting capabilities, including tracking sales, ounces poured, products poured and, most importantly, the ability to offer the most popular craft beers available. From the beginning, they were very easy to work with.”

Customers create a tab with a credit or debit card and are given a wristband to scan in order to pouring a drink from the selection of 20 beers and four wines. Each customer is allowed a set amount of beer that they can pour and try at their own pace.

Pizza Artista is the second business in Louisiana to have a beer wall.

"I think a lot of businesses will start moving over to this because of the sudden service aspect," general manager Aaron McClaskey said. "In this day and age that we live in, we want things now, and beer is becoming the same way. I think it'll be a lot of fun and I can't wait to see the reaction to the experience."

The beer wall will offer a rotating selection of local and regional craft beers and wine. The restaurant will remain during installation.

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