Pearson Cross

Political analyst Pearson Cross spoke with Jan Swift of the Discover Lafayette podcast. 

National elections have drowned out state and local elections with more attention on the presidential race than local issues, local political analyst Pearson Cross said.

Speaking with Jan Swift of the Discover Lafayette podcast, Pearson noted that racial tensions that have surfaced across the country have surfaced in Acadiana, disputing the notion that issues nationally don’t happen locally. And local issues such as budget cuts at North Lafayette recreation centers are getting lost in the discussion.

You can listen to their conversation here

“We can no longer say, ‘We’re Acadiana, we’re special, we’re exempt, we’re immune,’” said Cross, who serves as interim head of the Department of Political Science, associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and associate professor in the Department of Political Science.

“Instead, we are part of the fabric of America and this America is divided, particularly among racial lines, along partisan lines. We have to deal with these issues. No one is going to come from outside and solve these issues for us. We can’t sweep them under the rug.”

Cross is co-authoring The Party is Over: Louisiana Politics in the 21st Century with associate professor of political science Christie Maloyed, set to be released early next year, that focuses on how the things that once made Louisiana unique are fading away. Gone are the days, the book notes, a state Legislature that was non-partisan and elected officials working with one another.

Louisiana has instead become like other southern states with a deep political divide.

Cross also predicted former vice president Joe Biden will win the presidential election Nov. 3.

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