Christian Brothers Automotive, a franchised auto care company with more than 200 locations in 30 states, will open a Lafayette location later this year.

The Houston-based company will begin construction soon on a 5,700-square-foot service center at 5900 Johnston St. next to Tops Designs with a target completion date in the fall, spokeswoman Mackenzie Coopman said. 

The company bought the property from real estate investor Mike Maraist for an undisclosed amount on Dec. 17, land records show. Lovie and Lindsey Moran of Lafayette will be the franchisees.

Christian Brothers was named the No. 2 in the Best High Investment Franchises of 2019 by Forbes with a initial investment midpoint of $513,825 and a five-year franchise growth rate of 9%. It was the only nonrestaurant in the top listing's top four franchises. 

Lovie Moran, a combat veteran who owns a house-raising business, said he was looking for an opportunity that would allow him to be home with his wife and four kids more instead of being on the road. After he learning about the company's values, he said it "sealed the deal for him."

The company's brand mission is "To glorify God by loving your neighbor as yourself."

The business will have up to 10 employees. It will be the second location in Louisiana. 

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