Susan Cox

Susan Cox is founder and CEO of LogoJET, which recently announced plans to open a regional service center in South America. 

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, where our family immigrated from Thailand. We were fortunate to learn many different cultures in such a diverse city. We were sponsored by a loving family who gave us everything we could ever imagine. Growing up we started with not much, but we always felt that we had everything we needed and more. My father was a very hard worker. He was a body shop man who took pride in hard work and pride in what he made — and there was nothing he couldn’t do. I think that’s where I got most of my drive from.

I grew up with friends who were older and had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I was influenced by a good group of friends. In fact, LogoJET was not my first business. When I was 16, I was a project manager for a U.S. company and had to register myself as a contractor — so that sparked the business side. At 18, I was able to save enough money to start my first business in the communications industry — which failed pretty fast. During that venture, I met someone who introduced me to the Korean market. I started importing promotional products from South Korea, which is how I eventually started LogoJET, manufacturing direct to substrate printers.

I met an engineer in South Korea who took a small desktop Epson printer and modified it to print on other objects. I teamed up with him to create a product that I felt was marketable to the U.S. When I thought about printing on objects, golf balls immediately came to my mind. I thought, “If we can print on golf balls that are round and complex with dimples, we can probably print on anything from there.” We went to our first PGA show in 2005 and since then we continue to exhibit at that show, which has helped us to excel in that market. The LogoJET name has become a trusted solution to help advance the golf industry into customization. Today we print on more than golf balls. Our printers print signage, promo items, home décor and industrial parts and more.

Our growth starts and continues with a great product coupled with having the right people on the bus to help. In 2011, I made the decision to move my business from Rochester, New York to Lafayette and had to hire new talent. My theme at the time was “Get the right people on the bus.” Carrying out that theme involved paying more for great skills to help drive the growth. Today, I have a team that cares deeply about what they do and how their work impacts our customers. Our customers can feel those efforts, which has helped drive loyalty.

In December, we announced the opening of our new office in Bogota, Colombia, which will serve as the hub for LogoJET sales and service throughout South America, which we consider a tremendous growth market for customization and personalization solutions. We are excited about being in Bogota, which is a great city and the new home of Daniel Tobon, our new director of technical solutions. He has more than 20 years experience in the industry and will manage the Bogota office. We expect to be hiring more employees there this year as Colombia and other South American countries’ economies — especially those in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay — are expected to continue with great growth.

I was honored to be a part of the first CEO Roundtable, an initiative funded by Louisiana Economic Development. Our class had 40% women. We have built great friendships and have continued to support each other. I also just received my Women's Business Enterprise National Council Certification and have recently participated in a summit that brought a number of female CEOs in the South together. I am very impressed to see how many female owners are out there.

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