Downtown cafe Carpe Diem Gelato and Espresso Bar will hold a grand opening at 5 p.m. Friday as its transitions to new owners and a new menu. 

Liz and Andrew Payne, owners of Pamplona Tapas Bar, bought the 1,500-square-foot gelato and espresso bar at 812 Jefferson St. last fall. They renovated the building to include new seating, a new paint job and new bar offerings along with food items such as gluten-free olive oil cake, coconut macarons, and French croissants. 

The restaurant continues to offer gelato but now features a selection of wines and after-dinner drinks along with hanging flower planters in front patio of the café, creating a more inviting space for customers relax.

“I just want it to be as comfortable and pleasant as possible,” Liz Payne said. “Whenever I go to a new establishment, I am silently thinking about what could be better. Details matter and every aspect of a guest’s interaction within your establishment adds up to make their experience pleasurable.

"I still have many improvements planned for Carpe Diem. I think any business owner who isn’t thinking that way can get stuck and not be aware of things that could change for the better.”

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