Foodhub, a UK-based online food ordering platform, announced it will expand into the United States and start its expansion in Louisiana.

Founded in 2017, Foodhub now has over 25,000 restaurant partners and is the leading multi-channel point of sale provider in the hospitality industry in the UK, the company announced Wednesday. Unlike transaction-based platforms like Waitr, the company does not require a commission from restaurants and instead operates on a subscription model.

Foodhub's unprecedented growth has resulted in rapid international expansion across four continents. The company is currently disrupting markets in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Guatemala, and Mexico, and orders through its app have jumped 40% in the past 12 months, reports indicate. 

The company opted to start in Louisiana because the state's population densities, city sizes and number of independent restaurants are most similar to the UK, said Wil Chung, Foodhub's marketing manager. The company will target restaurants in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette. 

"We've made fantastic progress in several overseas territories throughout the last year, and one of our big goals in 2021 is to develop and expand our offering in the United States, starting with Louisiana," CEO Ardian Mula said. "If you look at how fast we've grown in the UK, for example, that will give you an idea of how rapidly we as a brand can develop in a new market."

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The company announced in March it was attempting to raise funds for a global expansion. Like other delivery services, the company had a significant rise in revenue during the coronavirus pandemic, including an increase in orders each month, one report indicated.

Foodhub offers restaurants a personalized website and app for customer orders, marketing support, POS system, 24/7 customer service and full order management through an ecosystem of apps with no new hardware required. It charges a 3% transaction fee.

It will focus on technology at the start and seek out restaurants with their own delivery system, Chung said. It is exploring a delivery system with a U.S. partner that could debut soon. 

"Restaurants are handing over their hard-earned profits to extremely costly, commission-based systems," group CFO Mohamed Chaudry said. “We're one of only a few multi-channel food ordering solutions that offers a 0% commission model, meaning that it's cheaper and more manageable to trade through Foodhub than our rivals."

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