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Cajun entertainer Jamie Bergeron

A Cajun musician fired from his day job for insensitive social media posts may cash in on his newly found notoriety.

Jamie Bergeron’s dismissal from Acadian Ambulance last week was linked to his posting memes such as “All Lives Splatter,” depicting a vehicle driving into a crowd of street protesters, such as those that have gathered in support of Black Lives Matter. He also reposted the photo of a white man in San Diego wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood, apparently a response to mandates for wearing masks during the pandemic.

Black Lives Matter is at the forefront of protests involving the death of George Floyd. Some of the group’s actions have included blocking public roadways.

Bergeron had been employed by the ambulance company for 30 years, most of that time as a first responder. After someone complained to the company about his social media posts, Acadian Ambulance met with the paramedic mostly through the human resources department before announcing the company and the employee had parted ways.

A company spokesman said Acadian does not typically discuss individual employee matters but did so in Bergeron’s case because of its public nature.

Bergeron, who is also the front man for the popular Cajun band Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin’ Cajuns, posted the memes to his personal account, which also included photos of him in an Acadian Ambulance uniform. In a seven-minute video posted by the musician last week, he suggested that the memes he reposted may have been insensitive but not racist. He suggested he had been targeted to look like a racist.

Now Bergeron, who on his video last week thanked his former company for 30 years of employment, was peddling a T-shirt over the weekend to mark his dismissal from Acadiana Ambulance.

Set on a dark background with a finger pointing straight ahead, the navy blue T-shirt reads on the front: “You’re Fired 2020.” On the back, it features Bergeron’s image, a Made in Louisiana tag and what his website describes as his “support stance #ISTANDWITHJAMIE.”

The shirt is available at

Bergeron did not respond to a call asking for comment.

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