Swamp Pop Sugarcane Sodas was sold to Oregon-based Our Life Foods in December. 

Swamp Pop Sugarcane Sodas, which was started by two first cousins in Lafayette, was sold to an Oregon-based food company in December.

Our Life Foods, a company started by Eunice native Chris Fontenot and his wife, purchased the line of sodas from John Peterson and Collin Cormier at the end of 2019, according to a statement from Fontenot’s company.

Our Life Foods is the maker of A Cajun Life products of seasonings, fish and chicken fry mixes and jambalaya and red beans and rice mixes.

“We’re proud to expand the Southern-style offerings of Our Life Foods,” Our Life Foods owner and CEO Chris Fontenot said. “While we currently offer authentically Cajun rubs, seasonings and meals, we are beyond excited to expand that offering into the beverage category. With natural flavorings as well as authentic Cajun roots, Swamp Pop is a natural addition to our Cajun line.”

Peterson and Cormier created the drinks in 2013 when the craft beer concept became popular. The two created six flavors -- Filé Root Beer, Jean Lafitte Ginger Ale, Noble Cane Cola, Ponchatoula Pop Rouge, Praline Cream Soda and Satsuma Fizz – all created using real cane sugar.

The drinks remain popular. An empty bottle of Satsuma Fizz was used in the in the 2016 film “10 Cloverfield Lane.”

Swamp Pop sodas are now available in Cracker Barrel stores nationwide and all locations of Baton Rouge-based LIT Pizza, which will open a Youngsville location this spring.

“Our Life Foods is the perfect new home for Swamp Pop Sodas,” Peterson said. “Being from Louisiana, they understand our culinary culture and the importance of using Louisiana cane sugar. They’re also already in the business of exporting the great flavors of our state to other parts of the country through their Cajun Life brand. So we’re really excited about the future of Swamp Pop and can’t wait to see where they take it.”

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