brent hebert

Brent Hebert

Brent Hebert has been named chief administrative officer for Dupré Logistics, the company announced this week. 

Hebert, who joined Dupré 13 years ago, will will lead efforts to make sure the company’s strategy stays on track and that all the resources are available to execute the strategy. His role will be an extension of his previous role as chief people officer as the company continues to grow.

“At heart, Brent is a service-minded leader," company president Mike Weindel said. "He keeps the company’s goal of being the ideal place to work top of mind. His deep history and connection to the company and its people will serve us well.”

With 1,370 employees, Dupré Logistics has seen significant growth in recent years. It grew 21 percent from 2016 to 2017 and 22 percent from 2017 to 2018. It's on pace to grow 18 percent in the most recent year.

Hebert says Dupré Logistics’ focus on strategy and company culture play significant roles in its growth, which he attributes to the company’s dedication toward creating opportunity for its people.

“We believe that great people want to work on teams that make a company the ideal place to work and exhibit certain key characteristics which provide employees the opportunity to grow, to learn and to take on more responsibility,” Hebert said. “Our vision is focused on making Dupré Logistics a company rich in opportunity for our team members to grow.”

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