tyler lafleur

HPHI owner Tyler LaFleur spoke with Jan Swift of the Nourish Your Health podcast. 

Through his company, HPHI, Tyler LaFleur offers health coaching and executive performance coaching.

His coaching can transform people by facilitating the learning of the discipline and self-mastery required to reach their goals and achieve outstanding levels of health and performance.

LaFleur spoke with Jan Swift in her new podcast, Nourish Your Health. You can listen to their conversation here

Even with his education (a degree in nursing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, certifications as an exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine and as a functional medicine practitioner and a master's in leadership arts and science from The Thayer Institute), LaFleur acknowledged that most of his knowledge is self-taught.

He will be a recurring guest on our podcast, Nourish Your Health at every age.

After an early stint as a surgical nurse, LaFleur found success working with offshore workers. After helping them make meaningful adjustments toward their wellness, he discovered functional medicine as his life calling.

“Functional medicine is essentially a root cause analysis of the human body," he said. "So instead of you coming to my office and describing your symptoms, your aches, your high cholesterol, and having me treat those symptoms. I get to the root of what might be causing these symptoms."

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