Elite Fitness and Recovery, a locally owned, 24-hour gym, is set to open June 24 in the Centerpiece Shopping Center at 5520 Johnston St., Suite G. 

The business is owned by John Sinitiere and his fiancée, Shenee Romero, both of Lafayette. Sinitiere said he and Romero are both always wanted to open up their own gym.

"I've always been into fitness and now really feels like the right time," he said. "My fiancée is really into classroom training and teaching and things like that and I'm into the weights. So we're going to tag team it."

Elite Fitness members will be able to access the gym 24 hours a day and will have access to a training room with a projector that can play fitness-on-demand recordings or live streamed classes at any time. There will also be weights, stationary bikes and weight machines.

The 6,621 square-feet gym will also have different membership plans that will offer a tanning bed, infrared sauna and water massage along with a Cocoon Wellness Pod, a machine that combines aromatherapy, infrared heat and vibration massage, which Sinitiere says helps stimulate the body for better results.

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