The Family Tree executive director Marie Collins (left) spoke with Jan Swift of the Discover Lafayette podcast. 

The Family Tree executive director Marie Collins spoke with Jan Swift of the Nourish Your Health podcast about her organization's role in the community. 

You can listen to their conversation here. 

The Family Tree partners with other community agencies to maximize services being available on an affordable or free basis. Collins has worked to fill gaps in coverage to Medicaid recipients to ensure that mental health counseling is available to anyone.

The certification process took over two years to achieve and there has been such an outpouring of new clients that staff has been increased to meet the demand for services.

A licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapist and addictions counselor. She worked 10 years with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Mike Neustrom and learned how to treat all people with respect and to listen to their stories to help them learn to break negative cycles.

The Family Tree's biggest impact is with children. In many cases, the said, the children’s experiences with are the first time they’ve finished a project, been awarded a certificate or had someone trustworthy listen to their concerns. The goal is to keep children from following the wrong path.

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