Anna Smith with the Youngsville chamber

Anna Smith 

Anna Smith was recently named executive director of the Youngsville Chamber of Commerce. She spent 21 years in sales with Stabil Drill. 

I grew up on the beautiful Bayou Teche in New Iberia, surrounded by cousins, sugar cane and a couple of neighbors. I was without a doubt a country girl. To me, it was a great place for a child to grow up. Growing up in a small town, you pretty much go through school with the same group of friends from kindergarten through at least high school, which I loved. I graduated from New Iberia Senior High School with 600 of my closest friends. Many of those friends, while we may not see each other often, are still friends I have today.

I was actually going to USL (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) to be a teacher. My mother got ill, so I sat out a couple of years, and when I went back, my adviser said I almost had enough credits to graduate in general studies. So, with my mind being exhausted and just ready to graduate, I went the general studies route. Not long after, a friend of a friend was looking for someone in the office of an oil field service company. I stayed in the office for about two years. When I was about eight months pregnant with my first child, we had a sales position open. I waddled into my bosses office and said, “I want to do that.” Upon returning from maternity leave, I started in sales.

I consider myself a people person. I did field sales, which I loved because my customers were good ol' hard-working country boys. It was easy to get up every morning, go to work knowing my job was to visit with them. Many of my former customers are also still friends of mine. The owners of the company treated us like family. And that is what we all were to each other — family. Those two things, and, of course, the oilfield salary, kept me there for 22 years.

My husband Cory and I are about to be empty nesters. My son will soon graduate from UL, and my daughter is about to graduate from Lafayette High and will be headed to LSU. I figured I needed something to occupy my time. I saw the chamber was looking for the “face of the Youngsville business community,” and it sounded like a fun position.

Youngsville is most definitely blossoming. That is what makes this position so exciting. I look forward to meeting lots of new people. Starting in a totally new field will certainly be a challenge, but also and exciting one. There is a lot of potential for growth for me as well as for my city. We shall grow together.

My goal, for now, is to get to know our local businesses and business owners better and see how the chamber can help them and how they can help each other. Hopefully, one success will lead to another and so on. Each success will help keep Youngsville moving forward and growing. It's where life is sweeter.

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