Maureen Dugas Foster

Maureen Dugas Foster

Downtown Lafayette Unlimited, the private nonprofit corporation that works alongside the Downtown Development Authority, has hired Maureen Dugas Foster as its first director.

Dugas Foster will be responsible for marketing downtown and will provide member support, networking opportunities and community engagement.

“Downtown Lafayette is experiencing a unique momentum in time,” said Anita Begnaud, CEO of both the government agency and the nonprofit. “Business owners and the entire community are excited about the development and business wins occurring in the heart of our city, and Maureen’s passion, enthusiasm and energy will allow DLU to capitalize on the opportunities we are beginning to see realized.”

Currently the project manager at Longo Architecture Studio, Dugas Foster has worked in several architectural firms in New Orleans and Lafayette. She is also the founder of Designing Women of Acadiana, an organization for women in architecture and design fields.

“Small and incremental wins over the past decade have been one of the main factors for downtown’s latest successes," said Gus Rezende, a downtown business owner, Downtown Development Authority board member and former Downtown Lafayette Unlimited board member. "Thriving downtowns across the country have invested in building a strong staff in order to boost development and programming. The new position of director of DLU will do just that. We are so happy to have Maureen on board.”

Dugas Foster is a Lafayette and a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She will begin Monday. 

“The downtown should be the heart and soul of a city," she said. "It sets the pulse and determines the health of the surrounding community. I hope to leverage the limitless capability of design to make a positive and lasting impact on Lafayette’s downtown area.”

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