99 Ramen

The Chicken Katsu Ramen at 99 Degress Celsius Ramen Noodle Express, which opened Tuesday.

A ramen triangle on the south side of Lafayette has been completed with the opening of casual ramen restaurant 99 Degrees Celsius Ramen Noodle Express in the former Smashburger location on Tuesday.

According to one store official, the owner created the restaurant to be a more affordable and authentic take on the noodle dish that traditionally is seen in portable food stalls and small restaurants with limited seating in Japan.

Located at 4231 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Suite 103, the 2,400 square-feet restaurant will serve eight varieties of ramen along with various Japanese side dishes such as gyoza, sushi, yaki soba, udon and tempura.

It's the latest among formal dining ramen restaurants that have opened over the past year like Katsu Ramen Bar and Izumi Ramen, both of which are just down Ambassador Caffery Parkway and Kaliste Saloom Road respectively. 

"It's for the regular working people when you're in a rush," the store official said. "It's affordable price, quick. You eat it on the side of the street and get back to work. So we try to bring that to everybody. We have a casual, quick feel, but still have fresh ingredients and quality food."

The restaurant will employ eight.

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